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How To Choose The Best Golf Club Set For Women

How To Choose The Best Golf Club Set For Women

Female golfers tend to be more specific when it comes to choosing the right golf club. That’s why the famous question: “how do I choose the right golf club set for me?” keep popping up amongst female golfers.

Choosing a suitable golf club set might be a little bit overwhelming for women. The reason being that female golfers needs clubs with softer and easier handling to give out their best performance.  More so, women more meticulous than men. Hence, as a woman, you might need a detailed guide to help you buy the right, and better golf club set the next time you go shopping. 

Here are the vital things you need to consider when buying your next club set.

1. Forgiveness 

Forgiveness is the first thing every female golfer should watch out for when buying a golf club set. Especially if you are an amateur, learning can be very hard if your club set is not forgiving. Using a forgiving club set makes golf more straightforward and fun. 

Golf is enjoyable when your score soars high. You cannot get the best out of your golf rounds if you are playing with a heavy, unforgiving club. Those heavy clubs are the reason for mishits and inaccuracy. Hence, whenever you are buying a new set, make sure you ask for the one with maximum forgiveness. 

2. Offset or Standard Set

A standard set might look good and stand firm in the hands of male golfers. However, it is not the best for female golfers. Of course, you might have seen some women playing golf excellently with a standard set. But, if you look close, they are experts. 

Offset is the best for female golfers that are brand new to the game. Since we have just finished talking about forgiveness as the first thing, buying an offset club would be the second thing. It is because the forgiveness feature you seek is in offset clubs.

A typical Offset club has a better hosel than a standard set. And it gives golfers a better opportunity to square the face-up and hit a better shot.

In a nutshell, Offset club is good for you if you are new to the game. However, a female expert golfer can find a standard set more suitable. learning more about Golf visit https://www.golfaustralia.com.au/

3. Graphite Shafts 

The next thing to watch out for when choosing the right golf club for you is the shaft type. So many female golfers make a big mistake playing with heavy and stiff shafts. That’s why a good number of female golfers find it difficult to swing, which limits the distance their ball flies. 

Some women might think of going for heavier clubs to improve their game. Instead, buy lighter, ladies flex clubs. Another mistake some female golfers make is buying old heavy shaft intending to save money. It is advisable to buy a shaft that will save a career than the one that saves money. 

4. Brand

Another thing to consider before buying a golf club set for you is the brand. It is clear that ladies who are lovers of golf loves to play and practising more. That’s why this factor matter to ladies. However, if you only play golf for pleasure or you play once in a while, the club brand might not matter to you. 

But, if you are a professional seeking to play and practice every day, you would need to invest in a brand that can step up your game. A famous brand like Callaway will give you what you want. You can also search the internet to check the list of the latest top golf club brands to choose the one that best fits your game.

5. Number of the golf club

When choosing the right golf club for you, remember to check the club’s number as well. According to USGA, some clubs come with only 8 -10 while others come with 14 – the maximum nu8mber.

As a female golf beginner, you don’t have to go for a complete club set. Instead, you can buy the one with 8 – 10 since your game might not yet require more than that.

Alternatively, if you are an expert female golfer, you need a complete set with12 – 14 clubs since you will be playing more often. 

6. Check the set bag

When choosing the proper club set, make sure that you check the club set bag to know if it is complete and accurate. Ideally, your bag should contain driver, woods or hybrids irons, wedges and putter.

As a female golf beginner, make sure your nag contains many wood and hybrids to make your game easier. On the other hand, irons are heavier and harder to hit. So, be sure your set bag contains fewer of them.

The driver loft is another significant factor to consider when choosing your golf club set. Beginners need higher lofts will help improve their games. 

In case you are buying a complete set, make sure that the irons are very forgiving. Additionally, your club set should contain at least one or two wedges. That will make everything match perfectly.

The putter is also a big focus in the set. You need it every single round on every hole. Hence, make sure that you buy the one that you find pleasing to your hands. 

7. Golf bag and accessories 

After you have decided the club set you want to buy, the next thing to consider is the bag and the accessories. You can go for either stand bags, cart bags or a hybrid of both. 

Stand bags are lighter. They are ideal for female golfers who like to walk the set during the golf round. On the other hand, Cart bags are more prominent and are much more suitable for female golfers who prefer riding in a cart.

You can also get hybrid bags. They are best for female golfers who would need to walk and run during a round.  

You can soar to the peak of your career if you are playing with the correct club set. The above guide will help you make the right choice when you are buying your next golf club set.

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